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Our glass Wind Walls are designed to be added easily to any of our Acrylic Patio Covers and are best added with our Integrated Railing systems. Keep the wind at bay and maintain your view while enjoying the outdoors in a comfortable environment.

We can also install stand-alone versions of our railing systems and Wind Walls for surrounding areas, walkways, stairs etc.

The benefits of adding the railing system and wind walls directly to the posts during construction, allow perfect planning to save you work later.


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Patio Cover Features

  • Extruded aluminum framing
  • Elegant wood framing
  • Optional steel supports
  • Integrated railings available
  • Integrated wind walls available
  • Quadruple built-in weepage system
  • Tempered or Laminated glass available in a selection of tints
  • Unlimited architectural possibilities
Seattle Patio Covers
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